The reality of Violence

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In this DVD I show real fights and diesect the action so you can see what real fights are really like and why. The NHB contest (UFC etc) are just that athletic contests not real fights. It is so critcal to understand the difference.In fact think about it, evrything that decides a real fight in the real world is deliberately removed from the prize ring.The rings is flat, not uneven, no wet grass  there are no chairs ,or a hard wood floor to impact on and no weapons. A knife or gun is not anything the contestants need worry about.

Just as important both contestants know why they are there, they have trained and watched video of their opponent. They know where they are supposed to be and at what time for the fight. But absolutely none of these things occur in real fight and that makes all the difference. Unless you are the attacker then you never know there is going to be fight, when or what weapons the other guy might have or what friends he has around that might pitch in.


​​These are strikes I used often as bouncer to quiet unruly patrons. Generally theses would be applied just before they went for me. While many times they achieved a transitory knock out, nothing works very time. Some people are more resistant to others to these neurological strikes. But delivered as I instruct here they should at least cause the person to involuntarily close their eyes for a second and stammer an instant. That is really all you need to have the chance to finish it or escape. In the bouncer biz I felt opening the fight with their KO was safer for both of us. I will be straight on this, these are definitely worth knowing, but the truth I discovered was that everyone will not be KO’ed by them evrytime.


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"This video is like a road map to the criminal mind. You hear and see how they think and so you have much better idea of who you might be dealing with. These people are moistly killers and this program will be invaluable if you ever run into one of them"

Robert Daniels

$ 27 we pay shipping

IMPORTANT : Thus he knows he must respond immediately and often with violence when someone "DISRESPECTS" him in any way, real or imagined. Now understand how this' instrumental conditioning' works after living in prison for several years.The person becomes what is called 'INSTITUTIONALIZED'.. At some time though they almost  all get out of prison> But their mind is still conditioned to respond with violence at any suspicion of being DISSED (disrespected)..

AN EXAMPLE : I was in western clothing store and a Hispanic couple was conversing in Spanish. I speak the language reasonably well and assumed they thought I did not. As a courtesy I stepped away from them. The man then asked the kid behind the counter, who was stooping down behind that counter to re-arrange something. The man speaks to the kid in near perfect English, "How much are these boots, there is no tag on them?". Not knowing any better the kid raises his hand above the counter and says "Hold on, I will be with you in a minute". I then see the hispanic man's body react like a bolt of electricity went through him. I'd seen this before and knew the man had been in prison and was reacting automatically to being disrespected.. He started to do the Frankenstein walk toward the kid. I knew he was no longer in his rational mid, that is where consequences of actions are processed. He was dissed and he responded in knee jerk fashion. I stood in front of him and showed my open palms to him and said in Spanish: "Please sir, he is just a dumb kid that does not know any better he was not really dissing you". I saw something remarkable then. His whole body relaxed and 'deflated'. He was brought back to his rational mind. I could nearly see his thoughs on his face. Hewas realizing there was decision to be made and he did not have to go back to prison for beating he kid half to death.

Do you see the kid's ignorance. that such people existed and how they 'Think' and how easily their 'switch can be thrown' nearly cost him at the least a loss of teeth and maybe even much worse? Like the line I wrote for the late Patrick Swazy in ROADHOUSE  ( a very decent person too) "..Be Nice".

At some point you must transcend adolescent thinking regarding self-defense and see it in much larger context. It is noit about looking like 'Bruce Lee', it's is not about acting 'tough" and it certainly is not about winning martial arts tournament. Self-Defense is first and primarily about your awareness  and knowledge of how human predators so that you  FAIL their test for being  acceptable victim potential. If master this skill of conflict avoidance, then it is far more likely to prevent you from getting killed, blinded or crippled, than are 'physical martial arts skills'. REMEMBER: A fender bender you might get into could be with institutionalized person!  If you shout at him "You asshole where did you get a dam license!" He is going to just shoot you and rive away. You never know who you might be dealing with, so while you might be assertive, BE NICE.  Do not insult them,Do not challenge them or accept their challenge, and so respect so it is easy for them to disengage without any loss of face. And if you can disengage and leave just do it and forget adolescent  thinking here about "how you will look". It is of no importance what others think, it is what you think of yourself that is important. When I do this I feel great about myself because I know I controlled the whole show to secure my goals. No jail, no hospital, no giant legal fees no permanent injuries and no morgue,that is the only goal really.


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In research for my RMCAT classes I have interviewed convicts both in and out of prisons. The objective being to see how they choose their victimes, that is fr mugging, armed robbery or worse.If all you get out of this DVD is the realization that there are actually people like this out there, well that alone might save your life if you run into one of them.

These people are not "crazy" but they will spill your blood on the spot without a second thought (or without even a first thought in some cases).. Why? You must understand that in a prison, the predator is in an ocean of other predators. He knows how he operate to find victims and how he tests them as 'safe victim potential.'. Consequently, he is very, very alert for others grooming him as a potential victim.

Mike Tyson broke  a hand on a parked car when a real assailant dissed him and taunted him. WE both know UFC contenders who have been beaten up on the street. In one case the NHB fighter had the guy in a solid figure four when another guy kicked him in the head. He lost an eye, many teeth and it damaged his hearing and ended his career. While you can't afford to underestimate any enemy, the reality is have found is that when it gets real, most attackers are not skilled. They are "one trick' ponies' in a sense. By this i mean they have one technique, almost always the right cross too, that they rely on along with the surprise ambush as they try to verbally abuse  and confuse you. The straight punch is the other technique some of them have developed. In this DVD I show that if you are aware and 'keep your head 'you can very likely defeat both these attacks. I truly can't overstate the importance of being able to relax under the  aggressors "hot interview "  to determine  your 'victim potential'. This showing no fear and not insulting or dissing the aggressor alone makes your enemy think twice about attacking you. His 'frog brain' asks, 'what is wrong here?"But if he does attack you see it as his attack is in 'its preparation and being relaxed you can move fast. Because  It is 'muscular and mental tension' that  can slow you down.

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DVD 1 - Conflict Avoidance & DE-escalating hostile People.


DVD3- Ground fighting and escapes from holds.