Peyton Quinn 

has succeeded in creating the best short term self-defense course existent   


Peyton's Videos coming soon in digital format for download.


Black Belt Magazine 2009   In a weekend of adrenal stress driven,  scenario based training using armored assailants you will develop more comprehensive self-defense skills & conflict de-escalation and avoidance skills than many do after studying a martial arts for years.


Please click on the video above to see this unique, armored assailant, scenario based training in action. You will also see legendary martial artist, Krav Maga instructors from Israel and  previously totally untrained people talk about their tremendous experience in self-discovery and self-actualization  that they experienced at this training. 

​​kill set far better and faster than 'repetition' drills.

Melissa & Peyton
40 years of marriage!

​UPDATE: Good people I have taught this course with my staff for 34 years now​j​, I am now 70 years old and need to get to my "bucket list"

I have NOW retired the training Program. 

It has been a great life for me and a life changing experience for those who took the training. The DVD's below I sincerely think are unique . There is just so much more to real world self defense than 'Techniques'. In fact, you do not need more than 1 to3 techniques in real fight. which last only a few seconds anyway! These DVD;s will show you that reality and what mindsrt you need to avoid the fight or end it quickly.

Below are my Action Novels that have some 'meat and potatoes' themes at the bottom of the fast moving 'pot boiler' .


These instructional DVD's are not just 'techniques' or 'martial arts' either. I gained a great deal from my martial arts study earning Black Belts in three (Judo,Wado Ryu Karate  & Aikido) and I was inducted into the BLACK BELT HALL OF FAME for creating this RMCAT program.


Yet it was my work as a bouncer on weekends (while being a High School Math teacher during the week) that clearly showed me that most fights can be avoided and most hostile people can be DE-Escalated once you knew how the human predator thinks and you will after experiencing this course. Further, if it did come to violence,  I saw that you did not really need a lot of 'martial arts techniques' to prevail and not be bloodied up or far worse. Under adrenal stress (and that is  the one thing you can count on in any real confrontation and/or fight) many martial arts people ( NOT ALL) discover that they have little access to their training and techniques. This is because they have never practiced them under adrenal stress. Further fine motor skills are the first thing to go   under the adrenal dump yet many MA techniques demand fine motor skills.Click to examine these DVD's further.


5.0 out of 5 stars  Another Fun, Interesting and Exciting Adventure By Kindle Customer on March 19, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
  "Possibly even better than the first one, Peyton's given us another fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable story that I ended up reading in its entirety in one sitting.."

DOG SOLDIERS MC: THE BEGINING 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book
By J. Cunningham on June 26, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Peyton does not dissapoint, Great read. Once I started I could not stop and finished it in one setting. Was sad to have to put it down. Great story from a very interesting time, The only thing that leaves us waiting is when the next book will be available!

The science and art of Love and Romance by Peyton Quinn,  I have read most other books by Peyton and really like his work. I especially liked his book Freedom from fear.  Peyton is famous as a self-defence instructor and writer. I learned a lot about stuff I wished I had known years ago. I learned why things turned out like they did. I think the book allows people to forgive themselves and don't carry the burden of blame of past relationships. In that way it's healing. Te; a practical book for young and old, a guide to learn more about yourself.