5 stars  Not for everyone, but if you are a fighter...
By Michael K Lavalleeon April 3, 2015  Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase  Payton Quinn hits another winner here!


I think I was about 13 years old when I first read "A Book of Five Rings." This is the book on strategy and "swordsmanship" written by the legendary, feudal era samurai, Mushashi.t that tender age of 13 I had been in more than a few schoolyard scraps but my experience with "combat" was much too limited for me to make much sense of what I read in that grim swordsman's book. Now however, at age 67, and having had to spill some blood and having had mine spilled too in actual combat, the samurai's book makes a bit more sense to me. I certainly do not pretend to grasp it in its entirety. I am not sure anyone could really. Further, I might even be accused of the mindset of: "To a man with a Hammer, everything looks like a nail" Nonetheless, I want to try explain to you my interpretations of a small but significant part of Musashi's work. Consider this passage "Think neither of victory nor of yourself but only of cutting and killing your enemy". Thirty-eight years ago those words sounded more like macho bravado than any practical insight into the reality of personal combat. But today, they mean something entirely different to me. To understand this consider the converse of Mushashi's statement, which might read, "If you are thinking of victory or of yourself then you can not be thinking only of cutting and killing your enemy" Now why would that be and what does all this really mean? I believe that this experienced samurai is using these words to express an abstract thought which in the language and culture of his day could not be expressed any more clearly than he did. If we are thinking of "victory" or of "ourselves" then we are still trapped in our self-aware minds! This experienced swordsman and slayer knew that in the heat of battle (fog of battle?) that a person was not often capable of acting out of their self-aware consciousness. He knew that facing another man with a three foot razor sharp piece of steel in his skilled hands was a very adrenal stress-eliciting event! Under that adrenal rush it is not our self-aware minds that control our movement or our "sword". The mind that is capable of thinking of "victory" or of "ourselves" is thus not the mind that can control our actions under the adrenal rush of a life and death encounter. Hence, he offers this simple prohibition "Think neither of victory or of yourself but only of cutting and killing your enemy"  Stay alert my friends, and may peace be with you all.

 5 stars  A true "Masterpiece!"
ByW. Franczakon January 22, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition I really enjoyed reading this tremendously ! From reading Peyton's other books and watching his video's, I see him as the modern day version of Musashi. Who beter than Peyton to interprete Musashi's words? Peyton has "seen it all," he's "been there and done that" in terms of real world conflict and fighting. Guys like Peyton know the real ingredients to winning a fight. Anyone who has ever been in a "real fight" knows the extreme effect that Fear and Adrenaline have in a life or death situation. They also know that the proper mindset, the proper awareness level, and the proper "intent" are much more important than the techniques that you use. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the real "martial secrets" used by real warriors who have faced real battles !

By Dan G.on October 3, 2011
Format: Kindle Edition Peyton Quinn did an excellent job on this book; I'm thoroughly impressed. I really appreciated how he explained Musashi's insights in a realistic "down to earth" way. At times Musashi's words may appear lofty or mystical, but Peyton's explanations expertly relate them to the realities of violent confrontations. 

Best Explaination I've Read of "Five Rings"!
ByPatrick O. Hardyon March 18, 2012  Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase I really enjoyed this book! In my opinion Quinn's interpretation of "Five Rings" makes sense. Why? Mainly because Quinn has put himself in Musashi's shoes as a fighter, not as a writer. Most interpretations I have seen lose your interest pretty much as soon as you get through Musashi's history. This is because those interpreters have not put themselves in Musashi's position, that being a man who has fought to the death on numerous occasions. Probably they have never been in such a position. Quinn, on the other hand, has and he gives you a starting point on Musashi's idea of fighting. The starting point is to "Get it on & Get it over with". Once you understand this, and look at 5 Rings with this idea as your focus, Musashi's book makes sense. If you have experience on the street in real life battles, but have never really been able to understand what Musashi was getting at, read this book first, then go back and read 5 Rings with the idea that Musashi's main idea in writing 5 Rings was to WIN IN COMBAT and you will not just see a forest, but also the trees!

Taking Back Control Of Your Life and Dissolving Depression

Bryce Carter, Ph.D. Therapy also relies upon language, and the survival instinct is embedded so deeply within our psyches that it predates our acquisition of language. Medication only is meant to alleviate the symptoms of depression. It cannot reach that deep well of life force that exists within us all. Now, as a good psychologist I have to say that there has been enough research done on this project to recommend this book out of hand. But I am sure that this will strike an intuitive cord with many people, and I encourage you to contact RMCAT and Peyton Quinn and read this book very carefully. It is my opinion that regularly exercising one survival instinct inoculates one against depression. the healthy exercise of assertiveness and non-destructive aggression helps to activate our psychological immune system.

his book literally changed my life!
ByN. B. Poyrazon April 14, 2010
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I read this book at a time in my life where everything was terrible. I was on the brink of depression, and had serious health issues emerging. Now, you may think I'm exaggerating if I say that this book saved my life, but it really did. This book set my thinking strait, made me able to think about what I was going through, and take positive action. I sincerely would like to thank Mr. Quinn. Your book really turned my life around. 

This book should be left out on the table for everyone to read! 

By Amazon Customer on May 12, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase It is rare to find a self-help book for victims of violence that gives the neurochemical explanation of their fear while offering them a road map to freedom from fear itself. This book succeeds admirably in this, and with a writing style that will allow any reader to relate to!

By Billy Don July 15, 2012   

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase   Having suffered depression for decades and reading early every self-help book to come on the scene; tried every mood improving drug; and therapy with more than a few analysts, his one book by Mr. Quinn connects to me like no other. It is a diamond. The problem with most books or any kind of therapy, is it makes great sense while you read or listen, but by the next day you forget it all and get right back into the groove you were in. I do this with this book as well. It gets buried beneath a pile of other books and I forget, and I brood, and I brood, and I stew... until I find it and re-read my many highlighted paragraphs. I close it and I feel better, if only for an hour, or a day. It is an ongoing struggle as many of you know. I have to add that Peyton Quinn is not a friend of mine although I have met him briefly. I am not biased in this review. This is an honest assessment for any well-read individual be that Seneca, Montaigne, or any of the other contemporary self-helpers. Quinn milks out the essential fundamental elements of what makes for a happier human. I like that. No digging for the gold. The book stands as one of the best, if not the best book written for all people. Read this as if it's your ticket to a greatly improved way of living because it will deliver you...if you can only keep it always right there in the moment. Here's to you Mr. Quinn, for your talent and your candor. Keep writing.​

Melissa & Peyton in their 40th year anniversary party.

There are three distinct stages of love. Each is dominated by a specific biochemical. The root of a failed romance and the terrible and even enduring pain it can bring is a result of this special biochemistry.When we become aware of these stages of love and their associated behaviors, and some of these behaviors simply do not serve us, then we are in stronger position to find the one we seek as a life's partner. 

We can more readily identify what is love, or what could grow into true love, versus what is mainly physical passion and personal attraction. Further, understanding the critical difference between male and female 'brain wiring' and the role of adrenal stress on our learning and memory can offer framework for recovery from a crushing end to a romantic relationship. Understand why a failed romantic relationship can become a form of genuine PTSD itself. But also understand that there is a way out from under the pain. In finding that way, you will have turned pain into purpose.

I began my studies into the biochemical basis of leaning and memory three decades ago. At that time however, in the early seventies, my theories were not well accepted or understood. I believe it was only the effectiveness of my training programs and my effective treatment of PTSD cases that kept me on the 'payroll' so to speak and allowed my further post-graduate 'academic' education. But, while training can be useful, it is surely no substitute for personal experience. Trauma that elicits the adrenal flow and thus engages the Amygdala, which pre-empts self-aware cognition, can result from any emotionally traumatic event, including a failed love affair. And that origin in a failed relationship most certainly does not make trauma any less 'real' than any other form of PTSD. I personally do not think there is a more deeply emotionally traumatic experience than that of lost 'romantic love'. In fact, this trauma can create PTSD patterns of behavior that are as real and powerful and as enduring as any suffered by untreated combat veterans. As has been said, 'love can indeed be a battlefield'. Other hormonal agents involved in love include Dopamine and Serotonin and ultimately if it becomes a lasting and successful relationship, that is if the 'Attachment' phase of love is reached, Vasopressin. The work is truly meant to help those suffering from the terrible pain of a lost love and to assist people in understanding what enduring love truly is so as to help them recognize and ultimately find it. And this book demands no knowledge of biochemistry either. This is a practical guide to understanding what you are feeling and why when you are 'in love', both during that romantic affair and subsequently when that affair terminates. This book will allow you to recognize the stage of love you are currently in and it will permit you a much better and more scientifically oriented judgment regarding the future course of your relationship. True love is a spiritual path that leads through the fullness of time to the shedding of most all illusions and that 'shedding of illusions' is the basis of all enlightenment. That shedding of illusions allows us to see and accept the truth of things and that is always a movement toward greater enlightenment and greater personal inner peace. That means any illusions, illusions about your mate, yourself or the very nature of love and commitment. It is a profound acceptance of the true nature of life and of love itself.

ByN. Engelenon January 6, 2010
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase The science and art of Love and Romance by Peyton Quinn,
When I saw this book on Amazon I was excited and ordered the book right away as I have read most other books by Peyton and really like his work. I especially liked his book Freedom from fear, as the full title of the reviewed book is: "The science and art of Love & Romance... a strategy for success a program for healing" I initially thought the book was a follow up on the freedom from fear book and about healing trough love. I had ordered 3 copies and gave 2 to friends who liked Peyton's other work. When I started reading the book I was quite surprised when I found out about the true subject. Peyton is famous as a self-defense instructor and a writer on self-defense, adrenal based training and fear. What made him writing a book about love? This initial surprise soon turned into curiosity.
In the next chapters I learned a lot about stuff I wished I had known years ago. I learned why things turned out like they did. I think the book allows people to forgive themselves and don't carry the burden of blame of past relationships. In that way it's healing. The book also addresses teenagers and gives do's and don'ts for dating. In the book Peyton also draws a link between self defense and romance as well as sales and romance which is quite interesting especially as he talks about the enlightened woman and the enlightened man which reminded me of the Zen adage, master one way to know all ways. After reading the book I feel happy about having read it. I am sure everyone can learn from it. To conclude; a practical book for young and old, a guide to learn more about yourself.

5 stars Great book for both men and woman. Teens need to read this as well.
ByAmazon Customeron June 16, 2014 Format: Paperback
I got this book from a friend of mine, who highly recommended it. I have been getting more and more frustrated these days with dating. In the last five years, I would say I have only met a hand full of women whom I would consider a long term relationship with. Usually, when i first start talking to a woman, the more I get to know her, the less I'm interested in knowing her. I have found that there are very few respectable women out there these days. For me, and a lot of guys I have talked to, the number one thing that seperates a potental bride from just another booty call is how much a guy respects her...and that depends greatly on how much she respects HERSELF. I cannot respect a woman who does not respect herself, nor do I have any interest in have anything more than a strickly physical relationship with her. This book teaches women how to earn the respect of others by respecting themselves. It highlights many of the mistakes that women make that cause men to lose respect for them and may put them in the sex only zone. I highly recommend this book to both women and men, as we all know guys arent that good at explaining things of an emotional nature. This book helped me be able to voice the things that I liked and disliked in a woman and WHY. Where as before, I just knew that I disproved of her behavior, but couldn't clearly exlpain why. I just knew I didn't like it, and that I liked her less because of it.