Dog Soldiers MC

is a full-throttle, wild screaming ride through a world that few outsiders have ever seen. It is the authentic, unforgettable story of a motorcycle club in the vast expanses of Colorado and New Mexico. Enter a world of crooked cops and honorable ones; a world of drug dealers and desert-living paranoid misanthropes; a world of ancient tribal magic; a world of betrayal and of ironclad loyalty and the truest form of love. In 1972 after two tours in the "Nam," hardened veteran Pete Savage returned to the "World." 

But he discovered that the world he left behind had changed forever.and so had he. He could no longer fit into a 9-to-5 life. Pete Savage, our misfit hero, started the Dog Soldiers Motorcycle Club in Colorado to create a refuge for himself and his "brothers." Now, almost 30 years later, Savage resigns as "Pres," satisfied just to be Road Captain. That's where the riding is, one of the main things Savage still lives for. The other is the alluring Sharon, the woman he can't keep his mind off of. Pete's secret liaison with Brown, the President of Denver's black club, the Wheels of Soul, had been forged in the early days to avoid violence between the two clubs. But it had grown into friendship and mutual trust. Now their trust would provide them with a potential ticket "out." More money than they could ever spend in their remaining years. All money ever meant to either of them was freedom, but both of them needed a hell of a lot of freedom, too. All the freedom they could steal.


FIVE STARS: Great  Fiction
By Victor Preacher Shurtzon June 16, 2012
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
All Pete Savge wanted was a parade permit to allow his Brothers to carry out a funeral procession. His association would be named as the "Dog Soliders MC" and he would be named as Road Captain. The Polic Captain however held another venue. He wanted a cop killer an he was convienced Savage knew who. This story belends the subject of race, gender, and mistic religion, together with a few fellow bikers and a few unusual vets to bring us a story where the Bikers (the good guys) win and justice is served. A good guy gets his reward and the bad cop? The book leaves you feeling good about life. Maybe there is justice for good deeds

5.0 out of 5 stars Dog Soldiers M.C.--A Great Read!
By Kenneth G. Burneron September 19, 2006
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I have always liked Peyton Quinn's writing, especially Real Fighting, but I wondered where he would take us in the world of fiction. Even I was pleasantly surprised! The book transcends a typical biker tale, to show a world of honor, integrety, the struggle between good and evil, and loyalty. At the same time violence, greed and the dark side of life stand out in stark contrast. This story really has everything! I am a stickler for realistic depictions in fiction, and I was pleased with the accurate depictions of guns, knife fighting, and real life violence. I cannot wait for his next book.

Dog Soldiers M.C.
ByJeffon October 5, 2006
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Peyton Quinn's novel "Dog Soldiers M.C." is fast paced fun and much better then the usual book of this genre.

It has original ideas and well developed charecters that kept me interested through out. There is plenty of action with some solid martial arts sceens I would have expected from this author.

Dog Soldiers MC: The Beginning is a Prequel to the first novel and it starts out in the Hellish combat of the Vietnam War. That’s where Pete Savage first meets his Half-Breed Indian comrade, Billy Laughing Dog. One night in the jungle of the Nam they decided that when and if they ever get “Back to the World’ they are going to ride their motorcycle’s together in the great Southwest of Texas and New Mexico. Then they plan to live every dam moment of life to the very limit and to the very fullest!  But the war and its Evil isn't going to leave itself behind for them. Billy Laughing Dog’s cousin, Trueblood was supposed to be back from the Nam to ride with them. Only Trueblood comes back in a stainless steel GI coffin. Then that coffin is desecrated and Billy’s cousin’s corpse is thrown out on the ground in the graveyard! Who would do such a terrible thing and why! The answer involves a Veteran psychopath who once carried the severed head of a Chinese Heroin dealer in a pilot’s helmet bag through the streets of Saigon. He took the head out of the bag and worked the jaw up and down with his hands to make it ‘talk’. Mr. Chang’s head then ‘tells’ Saigon Heroin dealer that he wants two kilos of ‘China White’ sold to the ‘crazy man’. China White was the best two kilos of smack that blood can buy. Yet Billy Laughing Dog can’t let his cousin’s spirit wonder forever in the dark of the afterlife and so his grave’s desecration must be avenged. When Billy and Savage discover the identity of the man likely responsible it turns out he is back in El Paso and a wanted man with a bounty on his head by the DA.   So Pete Savage and Billy laughing Dog go for that ride they promised themselves while in the Nam. Only that journey plunges them into another and stranger kind of war!  Pete Savage wants to help his buddy Billy find the man who dug up his cousin’s grave … and the bounty money would come in handy too. But somehow the trail mysteriously seems to keep leading them back to the Reservation. Pete is starting to wonder about the ‘Sky People’ and the ‘Great Circle’ that the Medicine Man Santos spoke about. It is a ‘spiritual world view’ that Billy believes in with every fiber of his being and that drives him at any cost to save the spirit of his dead cousin. What follows is a contrast between the horrific violence and bloodshed that men are capable of in their pursuit of ‘material gain’ … and the ‘flow of fate’ as perhaps dictated by


Another Fun, Interesting and Exciting Adventure
ByKindle Customeron March 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Possibly even better than the first one, Peyton's given us another fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable story that I ended up reading in its entirety in one sitting. I continue to be amazed at how much depth and variety Peyton seems able to put into what otherwise appears to be a very 'light' (as in, not 'heavy') style of writing. He introduces you to a world and context you may have little to no direct experience or even knowledge of, yet you quickly find yourself invited to be a part of it and the rich characters he's populated it with, each of whom you feel could have their own books written around.

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

This is a prequel to Quinn's first novel- he is better known as one of the first reality based self defense authors. In short - this novel is a fun read. It combines a bit of mystery, a bit of thriller, and some musings on loyalty, friendship, and roaming the open spaces. (and a fight or three tossed in).

Fantastic Book
ByJ. Cunninghamon June 26, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Peyton does not dissapoint, Great read. Once I started I could not stop and finished it in one setting. Was sad to have to put it down. Great story from a very interesting time, The only thing that leaves us waiting is when the next book will be available!

5 of 5 stars 
ByTom Blubaughon March 23, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Good read. Kept my interest from start to finish.

Great fiction  By minerva m.schlamowitzon February 4, 2014 

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I usually don't read fiction but this book was so Good i couldn't put it down. Highly recommended. Great book.


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